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The Bold and Sensual World of Literature in the Sexual Wellness Space

Literature has always been a powerful tool for exploring and challenging societal norms - and there are no exceptions when it comes to sex and intimacy. In this edition of Luviss Loves, we delve into the fascinating realm of literature that celebrates and critiques sexuality. From thought-provoking books to tantalising magazines, let's embark on a journey that embraces the complexities of human desire. 

Naked Feminism: Victoria Bateman's Bold Message

Victoria Bateman, in her book "Naked Feminism," fearlessly challenges the notion that women's bodies should be controlled by external forces. Through her actions and words, she highlights the importance of bodily freedom for women. Bateman takes us on a captivating historical journey, tracing the ebb and flow of bodily modesty throughout civilisation. Her plea for feminist unity in challenging the repression of the female body resonates deeply, urging women to embrace their freedom.

Come As You Are: Unveiling the Secrets of Female Sexuality

Emily Nagoski's "Come As You Are" is a groundbreaking exploration of women's sexuality, backed by extensive research and brain science. Nagoski debunks the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach to female desire, emphasising that every woman has her own unique sexual fingerprint. She highlights the importance of considering the contextual factors that influence women's arousal, desire, and orgasm. By understanding and embracing these factors, Nagoski empowers women to create fulfilling and joyful sex lives.

Mal Magazine: Literary Gems in the Sex Industry

When you think of ‘sex magazines’, what probably springs to mind is the dog-eared issue of Nuts magazine that your brother used to hide under his bed when you were a teenager…

Mal Magazine is not your average publication. With contributors like Chris Kraus, Juliet Jacques, and Eileen Myles, it transcends traditional boundaries and elevates the conversation around sex. In issue four, themed "Real Girls," Mal explores the complex tropes of girlhood and agency, including a thought-provoking story by Luke Brown. The magazine also delves into the inverse sides of sexuality, tackling subjects like incels and heteronormativity.

Craving Flight: Sensuality Meets Orthodox Jewish Community 

Interest in Orthodox Judaism was first sparked last year with the Netflix series “Unorthodox”. In the realm of erotic fiction, "Craving Flight" by Tamsen Parker stands out with its exploration of desire within the Orthodox Jewish community. Tzipporah Berger's journey to find love and acceptance while embracing her need for kink is both daring and captivating. The book challenges societal expectations and raises questions about identity, religious norms, and the pursuit of fulfilment.

Audre Lorde's 'Recreation': Love and Desire Unbound

Audre Lorde, a self-described "Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet," invites us to revel in the world of same-sex desire and love through her poem "Recreation." Lorde's masterful play on words explores the joyous act of coming together, celebrating the liberation found in embracing one's desires and passions.

The Rise of Sexual Wellness: A Conversation We All Need 

In an inspiring article from The Guardian, we explore the rising trend of sexual wellness. By opening up conversations about sex, society allows individuals to flourish. This important shift dismantles taboos, promotes healthy relationships, and emphasises the significance of sexual well-being in our lives.

Literature within the sex industry provides a platform for expression, exploration, and empowerment. From Naked Feminism's call to challenge repression to Come As You Are's revolutionary insights into women's sexuality, these works inspire us to embrace our desires and question societal norms. Whether through magazines like Mal, provocative erotic fiction like Craving Flight, or powerful poetry from Audre Lorde, literature in the sex industry ignites conversations that lead to personal growth and societal transformation.